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How Can We Help: The Trussell Trust


Dear Hypestars,

Hopefully by now you’ll have watched my introductory video on this new project (About Time).  Fortunately, many people like me and you really want to help but just don’t know how and as we are discovering ways to help each other, together as a community, I thought it would be only fair for me to share my ideas of ways to help with you!

When I started this project, and figured out  that WE CAN HELP, I realised that there are sooooooo many beautiful charities out there doing their best as community to help those in need. By many, trust me I mean MANY! All the ones I came across really inspired me, each of them in their own different way (which is what makes each one of them so unique and marvellous) and I really do want to share each and every one of them with you, but we have to start somewhere. So here goes…

The Trussell Trust ! They are pretty amazing and their work is just incredible! Summarising their aim in few words would be very hard (as they do so many nice things). However, it won’t hurt to try. I found out about the Trussell Trust by my mum, as once I desperately went crying to her saying that I neeeeeeeeeded to help people somehow but I didn’t know what to do, so she mentioned loads of charities (which will be mentioned in the following weeks) and the Trussell Trust was one of them – she has come across Trussell Trust through a Guardian article and has been supporting them since.

Enough of me rambling away (I get overly excited and can’t stop typing). Their logo is “restoring dignity and reviving hope” and the most amazing thing is that their work varies from offering a basic food basket to a family deeply in need, to having food banks scattered all around the UK. They make sure that the people they do manage  help, don’t go to bed hungry.

However we are all very aware that, unfortunately, money has a huge impact on the way the world goes around – some of us have more than others and that is just how it works. On the other hand, I believe that if we have enough to spare it is only fair to  help the less fortunate. This why I built a Just Giving page to try to raise as much money as possible for the Trussell Trust. Another great thing about this charity is that, if you live in the UK, you can always donate those spare bits and pieces inside your cupboards to your local food bank , or you can just do your own thing. Whichever way don’t worry if you can’t do anything, that is okay as well, because just the thought that you are willing to help already means a lot!

Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope it has inspired you to help a nobel cause, in your own way. Come on Hypestar, it’s time to shine – be a star!


Much love,




About Time…


Today we live in a world where an ignorance cycle seems to be continuous among us; a world where there seems to be no more love, no more empathy.

Things are not okay and they haven’t been okay for a very long time! But it is about time we change, it is about time we help each other and it is about time we gather as society in order to help humanity.

I’m aware that I’m only a small person compared to all the huge organisations that are doing their best to help. But if things are still bad with so many people already involved in order to help, it is only fair that I do my bit as well, right? Yes, but I can’t do it alone.

Just like big organisations need thousands of people willing to donate, we need to come together as a society to help the world that we live in. We need to forget our differences and come together as one. 

Imagine what an amazing place the world would be if everyone was entitled to be happy. Pretty cool, right? But what if I told you that it is possible? Hear me out, I’m not saying that it will be easy because the world didn’t become the way it is today overnight, it is a process. A process I’m willing to take part in, what about you?

I believe in us. I believe that we can change, I believe we can help. Please don’t feel forced to do anything that doesn’t feel like the right thing to do, after all what is the point of doing something you don’t strongly believe in? You don’t need to do anything big, you don’t actually need to do anything but wouldn’t it be great to do something?

It can be something really small or something very big but just the fact that you’ve read this post and watched this video already means a lot!



If you do want to help, here are somethings we can all get involved in:

  • Helping out at a food bank near you

  • Donating to a charity online

  • Taking part on a sponsored activity 

  • Organizing a fundraising event  

And the list goes on but I won’t bore you any longer. This post has been an introduction to a project tackling many important issues that have simply been ignored for a very long time, but not anymore! In the following weeks more posts like this one will be uploaded to the blog and hopefully we will together renovate a generation that has been said to be lost.


Thank you very much for hearing me out and hopefully this post has inspired you somehow to do something, one day. 


Much love,