Going Natural


Hi Hypestars!

As some of you who follow me around the social media might already know, I went natural! For many it is something easy and uncomplicated however for others it might demand a little bit more time. My personal opinion about it is: It’s your original form, so be proud of it!

So why did I decide to change  and why wasn’t I “natural” before:

Well for most of my lifetime I’ve  had a few battles with my hair.  I had my hair relaxed for about 3 years  it was all nice and fun but after one month I would need to be relaxing it again and that not only really damaged my hair but it also made my scalp quite sensitive (so if you ask me, “Malu should I relax my hair?” my answer will be “What did your hair do to you that you want to cause it so much harm?”).

Although many girls and women out there feel the need to have long hair to be feminine, relaxing is not the way forward in my very personal opinion. It really is only a short term solution and the only long term outcome is a big, damaged and unhealthy hair. Believe me when I say that ” I know how you feel!” because some days I will just wake up crying and asking myself if going natural is really worth it’s drama!


Before I decided that I would go totally natural braids was my go to and the only two possibilities inside my head were: relax it or braid it! So that’s what I did, for exactly one year (January 2013 to January 2014) I didn’t need to worry about my hair for 3 months (but when those 3 months “expired”, the pain would come with no mercy). It was long and pretty but there was one very small problem, it wasn’t mine. The fact that the hair did not belong to me made me quite depressed and as a 14 year old teenager everything does get “a bit” amplified.

Trying to take the best out of being a drama queen and a teenager, I spoke to my mum and said something like “Mum this hair does not represent me, I don’t look like ‘Malu’ any more!”. So we agreed to take my braids off. So we took them off, I washed, conditioned and trimmed it and it actually looked good, for one of the first times in my life I felt like me!

Of course it wasn’t easy, but all it takes is a bit of care! As I felt on my own skin that natural black hair needs a lot of care (did you see how that totally rhymed? I feel so awesome right now!) I’m going to start a column on the blog about taking care of natural hair, everything we should know about transitioning and all those things that I believe we deserve to know. So stick around, because more posts like this will come along really soon!

PS. I know I haven’t posted much for quite a while but life has been a bit busy, however don’t worry because #MaluIsBack!





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