Hey Hypestars!

I know, I know I have been horrible and not posting anything for over a month BUT today I came here to tell you guys something ultra-cool that is happening this week!

So, let’s get to work then! My step-dad is part of this band called “Lorna” (pretty cool right?) and they are playing in Nottingham this week on the 3rd of May at The BodegaIt is going to be their Album Launch (Heart of Wire) and I thought that you Hypestars had the right to know that this was going on!  Hopefully if any of you live around Nottingham you can come! 

In the other hand if you can’t come maybe because you don’t live near or you are just too busy. I thought you should know a bit more about the band and that none of the members have the band as their only job, they all have their own jobs and take it more as a hobby which makes it pretty cool for the amount of recognition they have. Click here to see a bit more about the band and hear some of their songs (believe me you won’t regret).

Lorna                                                                                                         LornaUK

Hope you guys enjoyed this “Sound Hype” post, and hopefully I’ll see some of you there! 

PS. For more information about the concert just like their page on Facebook and ask anything there!





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