Why is Love such a Secret?

Hello Hype Lookers,
Today I came here to talk about something VERY delicate which is this thing that people like to name “Love”!
Yes I know we all had our crushes and believe me I had many, many crushes but the worst thing is that every time I like someone I don’t only “like someone” I “fall in love” with people! The only thing I don’t understand is: Why do we love so much?
I’m not talking about loving our family, friends or anything like that! I actually mean that kind of love that has the following symptoms!








If you think that any of the options just described what you are feeling,go and find help girlfriend because falling in love is a horrible route!
But now back to my main question for today’s post: Why do we fall in love? Why do we need to love so much? I really have no idea why!
Because right now, while writing this post the only thing I can think of is that special someone, the guy that I think about day and night, the reason why I wake up and go to school every morning (Ok, probably a little bit too far), but definitely the one that I wish would spend the rest of my days next to me!
What about you Hype Lookers? Who was that special someone that you couldn’t get out of your mind while reading this post? Who is the lucky guy?
Hope you all enjoyed this “Hype Love” kind of post and hopefully identified yourself. Now to end this post because I am still on the Valentine’s Day Mood look what my “Secret Lover” sent to me on Valentine’s Day, my only question is “Who is it?”
Malu, Xxx

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