“Back To Life, Back To Reality”


Hello Hypestars!

So how has your new year been so far? I can speak for myself that mine has been VERY lazy, just managed to actually sit down and talk to you! But as I always say: “New year, New life!” I know we are not gonna have a “New Life” but definitely a better life!

My resolutions are really simple and probably the same as many of you but what about our Fashion Resolutions? Yeah, I just said Fashion Resolutions and believe it or not there are! So let’s get to work Hypestars…

Resolution Nº 1 –

Think about what we wear LESS! Yeah! You don’t need to think about what you wear always, specially on the special dates I always think too much and end up regretting the clothes that I choose and feel like the first choice was always the best one!

Resolution Nº2 –

Don’t ask for opinion of people who “don’t get your style” they will always think that you are wrong and they are right. Yes, I’m talking about our moms, we love them but specially when we are on those teen years, (like me!) we have a total different opinion then them! In a few years time it might be a different story but you never know…

Resolution Nº3 –

Be you baby! Nothing will work out if you are not you! Specially if you are trying to get a new you out of your soul but as we would say in Brazil “You need to wear the shirt”. I know it sounds a little bit odd but believe me, it sounds a lot better in portuguese.

So that is pretty much it for our resolutions I know you probably thought that I would do 13 as it is 2013 but no… If you think you know the other 10 resolutions just write a comment of the perfect Fashion Resolution that represents you!

Beijo :*



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