Knit Your Way In!


Oii, Hype Lookers!

So today I came here to talk about something very interesting (for some of you, not as much for me 😉). Which is “knitting”! Many people have the wrong impression that knitting is for grannies and that is SO NOT TRUE.

I’m not a huge fan of knitting myself but near the christmas season there is this feeling deep inside that makes me feel like “I need to”. Probably because it is a very cosy thing to do…

But something that inspired me even more to talk about this with you today was that there are so many different ways to wear something that was knitted in a “Hype Look” way that I thought I should share my idea of ” Hype Knitting” with you!

You can wear knitted things in every item of your look (LITERALLY) and here goes some ideas for you this christmas to warm you up everywhere!


Hope you liked it! See you soon!

Beeijo Malu



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